Manufacturing Process of Eris Boat Propellers

Eris Propellers offers superior quality boat propellers and accessories by combining old world experience and work ethic with the modern world’s most reliable propeller selection and analysis programs. Our ability to perfectly balance tradition with precision technology not only enables us to offer you what we believe is the most durable and exact propeller products on the market, but also offer unprecedented value and cost savings.

Eris Boat Propellers are renowned throughout Europe for our high quality boat propellers and unmatched attention to detail.

Our production process is streamlined model designation, moulding, casting, hand crafting, balancing and after last controls packaging-casing.

Eris Boat Propeller Manufacturing Facts


With close to 1000 standard boat propellers models in its stock, thanks to CAD-CAM and AMD, EP is able to produce countless models according to your unique boat needs.

At Eris Propellers, your model’s processing on CNC machines gives blade geometry a high sensitivity and upgrades manufactured model yield up to maximum.


Our foundry manufactures 2,3,4,5 winged Wageningen, Gawn, and Kaplan type propellers from 100mm diameter up to 2500mm keeping up with ISO standards and various class establishment standards, if required.



Standard material of our manufactured boat propellers is Manganese Bronze mixture. Thanks to chemical and mechanical peculiarities of that alloy, which is produced in our foundry with pure copper and other certificated metals, makes your propeller stronger and more resistant for longer.

Our foundry is equipped with electrical finishes for clean and perfect casting. In addition, our propeller production process is shortened which adds up to time and cost savings for you, our valued client. Our casting capacity is 2500 kgs.


Eris boat propellers are hand-crafted, finished and balanced by a team of dedicated skilled and specially trained staff.
Not sure about boat propeller sizing? We offer a free online boat propeller calculator so you can make sure you have the right boat propeller for maximum performance.
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